1. We must be a good steward of resources. Clients trust us to protect their life’s work. It’s critical that we never take that trust for granted. As your financial planning team, we will treat your finances as if they were our own.

2. We recognize you have choices. There are many financial companies who would love to work with you. We believe we offer services that are second to none and we will never stop working to prove that to you.

3. Family is of fundamental importance. One of the first things we ask clients is to tell us about their family. Why? Because your family is important and should be at the center of your financial goals and plans. Whether you’re saving for a child or grandchild’s education, designing an Estate Plan or planning to retire, we’ll help you make decisions that will positively impact your family.

4. Healthy work/life balance is key. We want our clients to have the freedom to enjoy the life they’ve created. Let us help you get your finances and business in line so you can focus on your family, hobbies and other passions. We practice what we preach, too, and encourage all of our team members to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

5. Transparency is of the upmost importance. After the initial consultation, we will schedule a meeting to layout our fee structure. There are no hidden fees at Genex Consulting.

6. We must provide objective and independent counsel. Our firm operates with pure independence from all mutual funds, insurance companies and other financial institutions to give you peace of mind that the counsel we provide is unbiased.

7. Don’t hide behind financial jargon. Throughout the planning process, we will fully explain your options and our recommendations. We want to empower you to make sound financial decisions and it starts with straight talk.

8. Trust must be earned.  Our clients hire us because they believe in our passion and vision. They continue to work with us because they trust us. Trust is something that has to be earned – through transparency, by meeting deadlines, and by exceeding expectations.

9. Do whatever it takes to get the job done. When you work with Genex Consulting, we are added to your team. We are on retainer for one year and you will not be nickelled and dimed. Our team members pride themselves going above and beyond to help clients.

10. Do what you love. Our team members believe in our mission and share our passion for helping clients.