Brian and Mike’s friendship began in the fall of 1994 when they pledged the same fraternity at Northeast Missouri State University (now Truman State). The fraternity house had a red door, which simply meant that you were always welcome. They had no idea how significant that red door would become. Their friendship grew as both chose business as their major, studied together and played intramural sports. Their friendship remained constant, even after graduating and going different directions with their careers. Inevitably their career paths crossed and they launched Genex. That red door from college serves as the foundation and inspiration for the Genex corporate logo and brand. It is a reminder of the values learned throughout college –hard work, loyalty, fortitude — and the desire to enhance the lives of others. It is a symbol of the firm’s commitment to each person who passes through our door.

You are always welcome at Genex.


The name Genex speaks to our mission statement and is a combination of the words “Generation” and “Next.”

“Next” challenges each member of our team to continuously strive to stay cutting edge. We believe in doing tomorrow’s planning today. It is our commitment to continue to lead as the industry evolves and remain proactive with all clients so their planning is always up to date.

“Generation” has multiple meanings to our firm. First, we are equipped to consult and understand the needs of any client; within any generation. Age is never a factor at Genex. We have clients in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Several clients even have family members over 100 years old! We have experience working with clients at all life stages.

Our planning is also multigenerational. Decisions made with one generation impact the current generation as well as multiple generations to come. We often work “upstream” with our clients; incorporating their parents and grandparents planning, as well as “downstream” coordinating the planning of their children and grandchildren. We believe a generational approach to planning is vital to each client.



Genex was founded on being independent, entrepreneurial and family first. We set out to create a boutique firm with a family business feel. We want to provide holistic wealth planning and consulting services to a smaller, select group of clients for a fee. The entire client experience has to be unique; doing it the “Genex Way.” Our process has to provide responsible, financial organization and results that client’s value. In this ever changing, fast paced, competitive world, our task is to slow down, listen, and deliver extraordinary service. Client goals become our goals and our marching orders. If there’s a problem, clients know that Genex will help solve it. If outside expertise is needed, Genex will find it. We are an extension of each family and are here to support and enhance quality of life. Seeing the positive impact Genex has made on our clients lives has inspired us to expand our vision. We want more people to be exposed to our process and the “Genex Way”. The Genex footprint and brand is growing and new advisors will be added. Their clients should benefit from the “Genex Way” and more lives will be positively impacted.

These are exciting times at Genex Consulting and we want to hear your story! Whether you are an advisor looking for a new home or a prospective client looking to interview our firm, we look forward to sharing more details with you soon.